I am a podcast showrunner. Like the /creative-meets-editorial-meets-business/ role that many TV show creators play, I work with brilliant hosts to make podcasts that best showcase their talents and interests.

Professional Bio

Gina Delvac is the founding producer of the popular podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, a playful take on the week’s news, hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Whether it's talking with notable politicians, first time candidates, or bemoaning our period pain, the show is here for every facet of women’s lives. Call Your Girlfriend has been featured by iTunes among the “Best of 2015” and “Best of 2016.” Gina has produced, edited, and mixed every episode from 2014 to the present. Gina has been featured in the New York Times, Wired, The Observer, Hot Pod, Haverford Magazine, and has appeared on a few podcasts she didn’t make herself, including Switched On Pop, where she discussed Call Your Girlfriend's theme song and later, put her lit degree to good use close reading pop lyrics and making jokes about emotionally unavailable men. You can find Gina on Twitter and instagram (@gdelvac). She lives in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Other Notable Projects

Marketplace’s The Uncertain Hour, where I tracked down the Southern California bureaucrat who ignited America’s passion for welfare reform with a county-funded CD of work songs, dug into Michigan’s millions of welfare dollars spent on college scholarships for upper income families, and traveled to coal country to find out how a West Virginia woman was faring twenty years after she talked with Marketplace about the end of her benefits. I also profiled early stage founders and tech superstars on This Week in Startups, and, (way back in 2013, when it was still called The Weinstein Company ), looked at how much it costs to get an Oscar nomination.

Photo by Describe The Fauna

Photo by Describe The Fauna

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